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Calling Fiddle Leaf Experts— weird new growth, dark spots, & a repot

Audrey D.
5 years ago

**Disclaimer: I’m a total beginner and this is one of my first houseplants!

Quick history:

I live in Texas and have had my FLF for 4 months. It was about 1.5 ft tall when I got it and hasn’t grown much since. I potted it in a “fast draining” cactus/palm mix inside a terra cotta pot. Its first home in the house (for 3 months) was in a room with no direct sunlight but quite a bit of indirect light. I watered about once a week. Everything was going well until I watered, left out of town for a week, and closed all the blinds. I came home to a FL that had dark spots and generally unhappy looking leaves (some were slightly yellowing, some had tiny reddish brown dots, some had dark brown spots that eventually turned crispy).

Since then:

I’ve read a ton of threads and tried to ingest a good bit of Al (tapla’s) advice on here, and these are the changes I’ve implemented over the last month...

-moved it to an east facing room with tons of indirect light and a few hours of bright, direct morning light.

-only watered when dry

-started fertilizing using Dyna Gro foliage Pro 9-3-6 (have fertilized twice so far)

-repotted today using Al’s suggested soil recipe

-also added a wick to the new soil

As of today, most all of the leaves show at least some signs of damage. The tree has only had three new leaves, and all three are light green in color with tiny reddish brown dots throughout. New dark green, glossy leaves are nowhere to be found! A pathetic looking base leaf dropped off today. I’m attaching photos of the plant as a whole, the dropped base leaf, the general leaf damage/condition, the newest leaf growth, and the roots from repotting today.

I’d be most grateful for any plant wisdom as I’m just learning as I go! :)

Thank you, everyone!

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