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Miele W4802 / W4840 Door Latch FIx

5 years ago
last modified: 9 months ago

Edit 7: Rough diagram of the "final solution" manual lock method (unlock is still using the normal build in method combined with my 3d printed insert). I used gorilla tape to secure the dowel sticking out of the front of the machine so it is "tight" when you leverage it.

Edit 6: I DO NOT RECOMMEND MY RELAY WORKAROUND FROM EDIT 4 AS IT EVENTUALLY BURNED OUT MY LOCK COILS. I have settled on a manual method involving drilling through the plastic housing and attaching a piece of steel to the lock piston that can be levered down (via a pole sticking through a hole in the washing machine near the door) to lock the washing machine. I still unlock it via the normal manual method. I put a resistor to send current "around" the speaker to make the beeping quiet but it would be easy to just destroy it or toss some rubber cement on top of it to mute it (you can see it if you pry up the clear acrylic face where the buttons are).

Edit 5: The two plugs for the cables coming from the electrodes in the lock that snap open and closed apparently don't make good contact after lots of plugging and unplugging. My machine wasn't starting the cycle even when locked and at the board side the resistance from these plugs was in the megaohms when locked. There were also some very obvious electrical arcing marks at the lock side of the plug interface for one of the plugs and they were pretty loose fitting in general.

To solve this I simply spread some solder on the male part of the electrodes that goes into the female plug and then made room for these thicker prongs by melting the necessary plastic in the lock body with a soldering iron.

So far so good.

Edit 4: Solution that prevents relying on power from the main board to make the lock work below. This seems to be a permanent fix, although it does take some electrical know how (Wago wire nuts are your friend)!

Edit3: 3D model of permanent door opener

I designed this door opener switch that can be 3D printed, so I don't need to use the key to open the washer door.

Edit2: 4 Year update down below. The door lock part itself appears to not have been the issue since a replacement "reversed" my weakened spring fix. It is almost certainly power to the door from the board.

A new problem on my modified spring door-lock emerged from worn electrodes that was fixed when I scavenged those 4 electrode parts from the new door lock part.

Edit: Picture down below

Original Post

My Miele W4802 (should apply to W4800 W4840 and W4802 as well) would only sometimes open the door after a cycle,. It would attempt multiple times before beeping for 2 minutes or so while trying to drain again.

It turns out the problem was the door latch itself, the "release" of the electromagnetic lock piston was not working properly.

I took the lock out, opened it up, and noticed a spring was responsible for the "snapping" of the lock up and down(this is the spring that is sideways near the mid-top of the mechanism). I took out that spring, carefully filed/ground it down to weaken it, then put it back and my door now releases all the time.

I am guessing one of the electromagnet coils was weakened in some way, as the electric resistance between the two were different. Either way, this addressed the problem and maybe it will work for some other enterprising DIY individuals.

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