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Master Bath floor plan help

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Hi all, could use some input on a fairly big master bath remodel. We like clean, bright (natural when possible) light, minimalist lines in a contemporary/modern design. We like a bit of warmth, though, not the cold "industrial" like modern you more typically see in an urban loft.

The areas I'm specifically soliciting feedback on are:

1) The layout. See the attached pics for the current and proposed new. The wall at the top of the drawings is the garage. The shower is frameless glass with a swinging door hinged by the two towel bars. Except for flattening out the current angled entrance alcove, we don't want to move any of the exterior dimensions of the current bathroom. That is, we don't want to add square footage by extending the foundation and we don't want to take space from any adjacent areas. The short, wide transom-style window over the vanity will be mounted as close to the ceiling as header/LVL addition permits. Any feedback on any part(s)?

2) Vanity mirror layout -- we think a single, large mirror looks more modern than two separate mirrors, each centered on a sink. Would a single mirror with face-level scones (200W incand. on dimmer) on either end be enough that either sink position would get good light (bright enough, even enough, etc)?

3) Cabinet / floor combo -- our selected contractor suggested the premium Bertch Riverside line and LVP flooring. We were originally thinking birch wood (they don't have maple) with either natural or champagne stain and a white floor with no or little pattern. We've had trouble finding a suitable flooring option and are now thinking white cabinets and perhaps the Karndean warm ash or texas white ash floor. Any input on any of this? We are trying to avoid ceramic or porcelain tile because all grout--especially light in color--gets yucky over time. Also, it's cold underfoot and we don't want to spend an extra $2K for a heated tile floor.

4) Shower -- Onyx matte artic white + Moen "U" digital shower valve -- any experience or input? Using the digital allows us to have the mixing valve in the heated open basement underneath and not have to furr out a wall to accommodate a traditional valve in the shower on the garage side.

Thanks to all in advance!

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