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Rock VS Mulch Around Live Oak/Plant Beds

4 years ago

One tree that's everywhere that I would NEVER willingly plant is a Live Oak. Yes, I know that's akin to blasphemy around here, but man are they messy! It's a nightmare trying to keep my mulched plant beds near and under the tree looking decent as there's always leaves dropping. Whenever I fire up the leaf blower, I inevitably blow away mulch too.

So, I'm seriously considering replacing the mulch with rock once cooler weather returns. My only concern is if it'll be detrimental to the tree or any of the plants. I'm mainly concerned that once you get away from the shaded area under the tree, the reflected heat may bake some of the plants.

From the research I've done online, it appears that the general consensus it that mulch is better. That said, I'm guessing those folks aren't fighting live oak leaves. So have any of you made the switch? Any other nuggets of wisdom?

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