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Opinions on mulch vs rocks

10 years ago

My next door neighbor is putting in new beds on both sides of her front porch. This is a shady area most of the day due to how the house sits and two HUGE oak trees in the front yard. She mentioned that she is thinking of using red rock instead of mulch for this bed. She is not sure what is going to go into these beds yet except for hosta.

I had stones here when we moved in and took them out as fast as I could. As a matter of fact, we're still digging out the rocks trickling down in the soil layers that had been used here as mulch for probably twenty years.

I am a shredded pine mulch person. I like the way it breaks down and then more is added to cover the area next season.I also believe it helps the soil retain moisture and heaven knows with the lack of summer rain we seem to have every year now, my plants benefit from that. And I guess I just like the way it looks.

This year we used some our home made compost as mulch for the tomato plants and they seem very happy with it.

So, the question is, what do you use as mulch in your beds - rock, shredded pine or cedar, compost, or even nothing at all?


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