Replacement Windows and Installation: Question & Opinion

3 years ago

I am getting replacement window quotes. Today what opened my eyes is the description of the two methods of installation that this installer could perform; he said it would be my choice. He said my existing vinyl windows were the same depth as the Vytex Georgetown. He could install other windows that are thicker in depth; these would sit partially inside of the existing inside trim on the sides and partially inside of the sills because of the increased depth. The installation would have a nailing fin and would approximately overhang or jut out the same distance on the outside of the house exterior wall. These would have the outside vinyl siding cut back and a vinyl trim coil, frame the window on the outside. He will be sending me his estimates for different windows.

Is that what is meant when it is said that you lose glass area on a replacement window install?

Do the installation methods sound accurate? He said that is how the other installers would have to install.

What are your opinions of the two methods?

For reference, I see from the Vytex web site:

Jamb Depth of Frame: Potomac-hp - 3 1/4″; Georgetown - 2 3/4″

Insulating Glass Unit (IGU) Thickness: Potomac-hp - 1″; Georgetown - 3/4″

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