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Book recommendation to learn the basics of interior design

4 years ago

Can anyone recommend a book or two, so I can learn the basics of interior design for my home? I’ve looked at plenty of magazines or books with beautiful photos, but I feel like I need a crash course in interior design fundamentals to understand proportiion and room composition, the right balance of texture and color etc.

Last week I had a free one-hour design consultation at a home furnishings store and I now realize that while I loved my bedroom furniture in the store (when I bought it several years ago), it’s not the best for my home (the nightstands are a bit too short for the mattress; I chose an espresso wood and a lighter shade and slightly different style would be better for my 1940 bungalow). Rather than just buying stuff and trying them out, hit or miss, I’d like to get educated on the basics. Thanks In advance for your help.

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