Open Bathroom Closet

Kristen Yancey
3 years ago
Why is this closest so hard to style?! Help! I don’t love the design of this open closet but this is what I’m stuck with in our new home. I’ve moved baskets, things around at least a hundred times and it’s still off. I tend to be a perfectionist and tried to make more open spaces but something is still off?! Ive taken out the darker baskets and added more white and keep trying different things but am still not happy with the outcome. I like modern, glam, boho, Midcentury and at this point I don’t even know what this is?!:) I like the gold open baskets but don’t love too much stuff showing. I want it to look organized, functional yet cute! Any ideas would be appreciated as finding baskets has been difficult and I don’t want to spend thousands on baskets!

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