Bathroom - your opinion closet or leave open

7 years ago

New build, house is framed home and need to decide on corner of purposely spaciously large master bath as need to finalize custom vanity, whether to finish end if corner kept open or not finished, if closet in corner. Decision to be purely aesthetic - storage is nice but got plenty, and while convenient but my priority is shallow. I want a big, beautiful bathroom and not sure which corner works best with layout

Note floorplan each square tile is one foot (although will be wood) so as can see, original plan had 12 foot long vanity and center was intended as sitdown makeup area

I do NOT want that nor do I want want vanity split in any way. Want shower and vanity across from each other as core of bathroom. When pulled vanity from window to 8ft, leaves 4 ft area.

Wondering whether will look better open or as closet.

LINEN CLOSET - One thought was build it out as linen closet to balance with one on wall oppposite of it. Not hurting for storage with clothes closet behind vanityt that will have storage shelves (we have minimal clothes for closet)

OPEN - Another was to leave it empty and if so, would you put chair (love bathroom seating), plants, bench, something else. Definitely got large art prints Im trying to find walls for (walls of windows in living / dining).

The area is basically not needed.
Definitely wanting to choose based on how that corner will look best considering the rest of bathroom layout. Appreciate opinions ...

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