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iPhone photo file format question

4 years ago

I have been copying the photos I take on my iPhone to my Windows computer(s) for years, and they were always JPGs. Recently, some of them are (were) HEIC. I say were because I just now looked for them on iCloud through my computer and all the ones I thought were HEIC are now JPGs, so I am completely confused. One thing that happened is that yesterday, I looked for a program to convert HEIC to JPG and found one for Windows 10 (which I am using) and installed it. Only some of the HEIC were visible. When I looked today, they were all JPGs. I did a little research and found that Windows10 will soon have the ability to open HEIC files natively, so maybe that ability already arrived. For your info, I have iOS 11.3.1 and my computer Windows 10 Pro, version 1803, build 17134.48 (May 30, 2018). I'm giving these details because it may be significant.

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