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FL Peach & Orange repotted to gritty mix leaves drying up & dropping

N p
4 years ago

I am in central Florida. I bought a FL Peach tree and a Valencia Orange 2 weeks ago. I bare rooted and repotted them to gritty mix about a week ago. I did a little bit of root pruning when potting, taking off only the twisted curled ends of some roots. The leaves on the orange tree started to dry, curl up and drop within 2 days of repotting. The leaves on the peach tree had been wilted but still green until now, but now its leaves are turning yellow and drying up from the bottom of the tree and moving up. I have had them in the shade. I was watering once a day but noticed the top of the mix was drying out too fast, so I have been watering twice a day for the last 3 days. I also started 3 days ago, adding a Tbs of vinegar per gal of water when watering. I have not fertilized yet, only water. I do not want to loose the trees. Is there anything I can do to save them or help them along? Any ideas on why the leaves are drying up? Any help is appreciated.

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