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suet feeder above daylilies

5 years ago


I have moved the suet feeder from near my window to next to a shed so that it hangs above some daylilies. I'd like to keep feeding suet all summer long as it has already brought some birds I've never seen here before, for example a veery and a yellow bird I didn't get a close look at are two besides the usual woodpeckers, blue jays, cardinals and the other usual visitors.

My question is, will having a suet feeder above the plants be bad for the plants? (Any plant if above the daylilies are a bad idea, I could move it.) In the winter many birds feed on what drops to the ground which before I moved the feeder, was open ground and it got eaten up reasonably quickly. Now that it is above the daylilies, I wonder if this will cause trouble for the plants. Suet getting stuck in crevices, birds constantly digging/poking around looking for food... I'd imagine it could be rough for the plants. The bird droppings while good for the soil/plants might be too much within a certain radius.

What do you think?


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