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Can’t Believe A Granite that looks like Quartzite Taj Mahal

JF JFroject
5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

Hi. So I’m still hunting for a white not so veiny quartzite. Then I saw this White Pearl Granite from Brazil. I’ve never seen a granite like this. It looks like Taj Mahal Quartzite but this White Pearl granite Is whiter not beige like Taj Mahal. Clearly Labeled as ‘granite’ by stone Slab warehouse. Marketed as Taj Mahal alternative.

Have you guys seen granite like this? Or is this mislabeled? This is a very strong ’top 3’ for my counters. The other 2 choices are calacata quartzite which is a cross cut of white macauba so not stripey and if I can’t find a stone, quartz is fine too.

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