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Phone numbers appearing that are wrong...

Ed(Edwina) and Stephen Ci
5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

Oh boy- this might be confusing. Android. I received a call from an unknown number. It was not 'titled' work/home/mobile- just a number. But under that number was a 'moblie' number that IS a friend that I talk to a few times a week. I had talked to her early this morning for a few minutes. Her correct number showed up. Tonight the number that showed as incoming was 'new' but it WAS my friend! When I answered I asked if she got a new phone/ number. She said 'no'. She was calling from her regular home phone, but it showed up as a number from Orlando- about 70 miles from both of us. I do not even have her in my contacts as we have known each other for many years- her number is in my head. Not anywhere in my phone. We hung up and she recalled me. Same thing. False number plus her real home number under it. When I get a call from people who I have in 'contacts' it normally shows only the number they are calling from not the secondary phone also. When we both tried to call the fake number we both got a 'Due to difficulties we are unable to complete this call'. Is one of us hacked?? Oh- nobody has access to either of our phones. She lives alone and Stephen is on a job out of town. We both have the option to sync with anything turned off. Why was her morning call fine but fake number tonight? I worked in yard all day- phone did not leave the house. Should I/both of us be worried? This is weird. Oh- both of us were at the hospital Tuesday- early morning till late at night. In both the waiting room and patient room. She was at the hospital all day yesterday (Wednesday). Could someone attached to her/my phone? OH- friend said when she called me this evening (twice when wrong incoming number showed up) that it took forever for the connection/my phone to ring.

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