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better get the right phone number

15 years ago

A man in our village ( yes,we are called a village) was trying to call Jamaica and instead of dialing the 011 for international calls,dialed 911 by mistake. Realizing what he had done,he hung up but not before the operators saw his number, and his address and so to just make sure he was ok,sent the police to his home . Big mistake. They found 14 pounds of marijuana and arrested him. It made me think of mistaken phone numbers of the past and when we lived in San Franciso. Our number was the same number as a theater which had closed down and people were always calling us to see what film was being shown. It got really annoying and one evening someone called and asked "what's playing tonight?" DH calmly said," well in a few minutes we will be " and then hung up. I know Jan has great wrong number stories...what about the rest of you. Does anything really stand out?

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