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Looking for advice to help choose right wallpaper & paint combination

6 years ago

Hello there,

I would like to start decorating my house with wallpaper/paint. I am planning to start with guest bedroom which is a medium sized one.

I have gone through few wallpapers and liked couple of them Graham and Brown - Eternal Grey wallpaper and Kelly's Ikat white and soft grey wallpaper. The first one is removable; an easy thing for me as a starter. But i could not decide what colors can go on other walls if I have to do the wallpaper only on one side. Would you recommend lighter or darker colors with Eternal Grey wallpaper? We have espresso colored furniture (bed and dresser). I am also planning to add curtains for windows.

Kelly's ikat looks good being contrast to white/light grey shades so i can plan these colors to other walls. But this is not removable ; so i am in dilemma how much damage would it occur if I have to remove for any reason.

Also, I would like add yellow in the room - comforter set/curtains/show pieces.

Eternal Grey


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