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Peel and Stick Wallpaper OVER existing Wallpaper?

Regan Buscemi
8 days ago

Has anyone ever tried applying the new Peel and Stick papers over existing wallpaper (its original to the house and in decent shape. Some "repairable" pull back in a couple areas). Having to do quite a bit of updating to my mother's house preparing it to sell and have a semi-limited budget; There's a lot to do so I have to be wise about where to invest the work. There are two bathrooms with very dated paper and I'd like to go back with wallpaper (since it's back in style) rather than paint. I'm curious if the better quality peel and stick wallpapers will adhere as it would save money not having to strip the old and prepare the wall for pre-pasted. Would love some experience-based advise about this. Every search I do just takes me to "how to measure for wallpaper" or "can I apply peel and stick wallpaper over textured walls". I cannot find any good information on applying over exisiting wallpaper. Thank you!

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