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Mixed trees/shrubs front yard (full sun) and side yard (part sun) - CT

6 years ago

I’m using the destruction of my front yard after a well installation last fall as an excuse to transform the landscape this spring. I live in a rural farming area in Eastern Connecticut. Our home is a white Cape Cod with a detached two-car garage. We are having a new asphalt driveway installed in the next few weeks and the contractor offered to clean up the the brush and poison ivy that had taken over the rock wall that runs along my property line on the left side of the house.

In the 8 years we’ve lived here, we’ve planted many perennials and a few trees and shrubs in the front yard and as foundation plantings. I’m not a landscape designer but I want ALL the plants. I believe I’m in zone 5b or 6.

We live directly on a rural highway and have no privacy from the road. The right side of the property abuts a hay pasture. It extends 15 ft past the garage. On the left side, the neighbor has a thick section of woods, rotting trees and brambles which created the mess along the rock wall that I just had cleared. The vines from his trees were so intertwined with the brush on my land that several trees toppled over when my contractor cleared the area. This has created an expansive open zone between the neighbors house an ours where we have always had privacy. We would like to restore this as soon as possible. Especially in the warm months. Winter is less critical so maybe something deciduous. Maybe not.

I love hydrangeas, hostas, grasses, conifers and colorful perennials. I’m also planning to use an area 15 x 25 on the right side of my front lawn as a vegetable and flower/potager garden.

if that isn’t enough, I want to put fruit trees and shrubs somewhere on the property. Perhaps along the garage.

I need input. What would you plant along the road to create privacy that won’t completely shade the yard for at least ten years? Any advice on what specific tree/shrubs to use?

The weeoing cherry on the left is dead. The small Japanese maple will still and be surrounded by the veggie garden outlined in orange paint.

The sidewalk is being removed and the walkway widened and circular area added. Will add gravel and pavers or bluestone next year.

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