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Backsplash Help!!! Almost done with kitchen remodel but stuck...

6 years ago

We are hoping to finish up the kitchen remodel but just have no idea what direction to go with the backsplash. Posting pictures below, but the kitchen is a decorative French style kitchen with some decorative corbels. Our countertops are Taj Mahal Quartzite. We have rubbed bronze chandeliers, faucet, and the will be putting in rubbed bronze cabinet hardware as well to pull out some of that darker glazing from the cabinets.

We do not have a large amount of backsplash but we do not want the backsplash to conflict with or detract from the other decorative parts of the kitchen. We initially thought we would do some sort of rough stone that had some variations of color, but no sure if that is too rustic for the kitchen. Any thoughts?!? Also, thoughts on doing something a little different under the hood, or should we keep it all consistent across the entire backsplash? I should mention we are planning on painting a decorative floral/fleur-de-lis on the curved part of the hood so we would still keep it simple under the hood, but maybe just do a border and change the direction the tile is being laid...

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