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Kitchen almost complete - Arabesque Backsplash?!

12 years ago

My fellow TKOers! I am asking your help once again. You have all been so helpful in the past and I know I can count on you. Mosaic Tile Stone - the company that sells the beautiful Arabesque tiles that were in Bee's previous kitchen is having a contest on Facebook. There are 7 of us competing and we had to create a Pinterest board of our Dream Kitchen. The person with the most votes on their photo of the board wins a $300 gift card. I would LOVE to be able to get the Arabesque backsplash in our kitchen. It it one of the few things left to do. It's been about a year now that we've been "almost done" and we have no backsplash yet.

ALL you have to do is "Like" my photo of the board I created on their page. Pretty please with sugar on top help me out! My name is in the description "Gina". Thanks in advance! Click Here and Like the photo

From STILL not finished kitchen
From STILL not finished kitchen
From STILL not finished kitchen

Here is a link that might be useful: Vote Here by Liking the photo of my board

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