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Need help choosing a dining table size for our new home.

Maddie P
6 years ago

We have recently sold our home in Canada and are moving to California. When we put our home up for sale, I sold our dining room table and I am now stuck wondering if I made a mistake... Our new dining room is around 9'8 x 11'4.

We currently have 6 chairs, I am going to upload photos of the floor plan and the chairs, along with our light fixture we will install above the table.

I have no idea where to start.. how big of a table can I look at? What style do you think would go?

Other random info that might be helpful:

- Window has white shutters installed. It spans a good portion of the wall.

- Floors are just a plain oak colour, same with the baseboards. Walls are a basic beige, although I am contemplating painting everything in the house white.

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