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I think I hate my new dining room chairs ...

4 years ago

But I there's nothing I can do about it (cannot be returned - custom as per Ethan Allen) -- so am looking to the Houzz folks to help me make it work! The designer somehow convinced me that mismatching tables and chairs are the thing -- which I should never have listened to because I'm never one to be edgy. The chairs are black and they DO NOT work with the table at all -- I don't know why I thought they would. So now I have to buy a new table. The idea of a black table does not thrill me, though. The whole thing is crazy -- I knew we would have to buy a table so why I went with black chairs is beyond me. I feel sometimes that I need to have an intervention when I buy furniture because I always end up with something I hate! I do like the chairs objectively and they are very comfortable (don't get me started on why I got white seats when I have an eight-year-old). This is now our everyday eating area -- maybe I was thinking these chairs looked less formal? It's all a blur now ... here is how the room looks and there's also a photo from the ethan allen page of one of the tables these chairs are shown with (I think the top is too rustic for this room). Will an all black table just be too dark? I just painted the room so changing the color is not an option and piano must stay.

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