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Range hood liners, inserts, blowers, oh my!

Scott MacDonald
4 years ago

OK, after reading some excellent threads on here already I feel like I have a good handle on what things are important in terms of getting the right size hood, the right CFMs and how to make the ductwork and blower run as silently as possible. But I'm struggling with all the different terms and pieces and how they all go together.

This is for a custom hood build so I need to spec and purchase the "innards" for it but I have no idea where to start. What is the liner? Or the insert? Does the insert go inside the liner which goes inside the custom hood? Where does the blower go if it's an internal model, is it in the insert or in the ducting or what?

Basically I'm trying to spec out what I need to make this all happen and I have no idea what dimensions I need or what, hopefully someone else on here has gone through this.

Hood will be 66 x 28

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