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Hood Insert vs. Hood w/ Liner?? Pls help, need to decide

I have been reading the forum to get as up-to-speed as possible but so far I haven't seen a discussion on the pros & cons of going with a larger hood insert vs a smaller hood insert with the addition of a larger liner.

My appliance rep is recommending the following at my request because the 36 1/2" wide hood insert - 1100 CFMs is $1025 (which almost costs as much as my Thermador 36" cooktop). I asked for a more economical alternative and this is it:

P195P1M70SB � Best by Broan 28 �" Wide Hood Insert � 600 CFM�s � 8" Round Duct
L7036 � Best by Broan 36" Wide Hood Insert w/ an Adjustable Depth of 17 �" � 20 �" D
My question is, is the hood and liner combo an acceptable alternative or in the land of good/better/best venting, is this really a sub-par solution. I think I'm ok with good/better solution.

Also, besides Best by Broan are there other good 36" hood inserts I should look, or more accurately ask the rep to price, at that don't top the $1000 mark?

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