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Rosy glow: The sunrise of spring, the sunset of fall.

The sunrise of spring, the sunset of fall. Both give a rosy glow to the light.

Welcome rose friends to the new seasonal thread!

Today is the equinox, when the length of night and day are nearly equal all over the planet. It’s a nice feeling to have this in common with our rose friends all over the world.

Spring reminds me of a sunrise, glowing with the full potential of a beautiful day. In the Northern Hemisphere this potential is what we now feel, looking forward to what’s to come. Fall reminds me of a gorgeous sunset, the celebration of a day well spent. In the Southern Hemisphere I hope you all enjoy this beautiful “golden hour” of a season.

I have been playing with photography, so here is an overlay photo, combining a sunrise, sunset and beloved roses. I hope you enjoy my artistic expression of this day and this season. :-)

Let’s kick off a wonderful new season!

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