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Hummer time... in February!

Most places in the U.S. have to wait through long, dreary, gray winters before these little jewels show up, but lucky for us in Arizona, we get them year round. Most species are migratory however and you have to wait until spring to see the whole gamut of species the travel through and to the southwest. Lucky for us though, spring comes much earlier than more northerly latitudes ;).

Anna's are the ones I get at the feeders at home.

Costa's one of my favorites with their insanely purple gorgets.

Broad Billed are somewhat unique in that their whole bodies are iridescent. These guys are starting to head north into Arizona now, but this photo was taken at the hummingbird apiary at the Sonoran Desert Museum in Tucson.

Rivoli's (formerly "magnificent") are huge, by hummer standards. The second largest in the U.S., after the blue throated hummingbird in fact. Too bad this guy was unwilling to show off his remarkable colors for me though.

Not a rare hummingbird...for California. But this little Allen's that showed up at the Sonoran Desert Museum has caused quite a stir amongst birders here in Southern Arizona!

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