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sorry step families just don.t work

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

My Mother died when I was twenty eight and I was single never married. Dad married within two years. He was wonderful when Mom was alive. The step mother was nice at first but changed things sublety. I tried to ignore a lot of the mistreatment. At that time I did not say anything negative to anyone about my step mother. Dad did everything she said. He bragged on her sons but nothing good about me. I got married at age thirty seven. Other people noticed that too without any comment from me. At times she had him being very hateful and abusive to me until I had a private talk with Dad. She had told me to not come back until I changed my ways. I informed him that I was told she talked negatively about me to my Mothers family. My stepmother was very controlling and tried to control my personal life as well. I told him my heart and told him some things were not her business. My Mother's family waited years to tell me that she was talking about me behind my back. That hurt me very deeply. I told him that I had told everyone what she did and how she was. Because that was the last straw and something in me broke. Yes I could have chose to never go back to see him but if I had it would just be doing what she wanted. He was her husband but he was my Father. No matter how nice I was she considered me competion. She wanted him all to herself. The gossiping about me did stop but ofcourse she still was a person who put me down every chance she got. The stuff she said was so ridileous that I came up with answers that she could not compete with as I stuck up for myself. I got used to that part as long as Dad was nice. But he still catered to her family. He passed away first. I did not bother to see her again as she didn't want me when Dad was alive so I did not have to visit her. Her son invited me to him and his wife's fiftyth anniversary party and I went. I had always treated her kids nice and they treated me nice. Then the step mother passed away I went to the funeral. I did get Dad's personal belonging and I inherited his seven foot Grandfather clock. I was supposed to get his ruby ring but it convenitly got lost. Which I know they have it they gave me his ring that they were supposed to get switch me out. I did not receive any money or never saw the will they did not turn one in. They were Dad's power of attorney which I should have been. Then when one of the brothers passed they did not call and tell me. I found out of the internet. They found out that I knew it because I ran into other family members. Then they sent an very old photogaph of Dad when he was young which I should have received earilier. They just went through her house and probably decided what I could have or not have. So I did not respond or thank them. They wanted me gone now they've got it. I don't want anything to do them them as it is a reminder of how I was done hurt by all of them. I was his only child. The step Mother wanted nothing but evil will toward me. But I survived but have hurt for a long time. I think I'm better but am scarred. Remarriages generally just don't work out. Everything can look real good but someone is always the step child and gets hurt.

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