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I just don't understand it....long

15 years ago

Our dear son, Brian passed away a year ago May 3rd. He had met his wife Pam on the internet and for 5 yrs they emailed, phoned and wrote to each other. he was in business with us and when we finally sold the business and we retired, he moved out to CA from MN to finally meet her. That was in January of that year and they married in May. He was so happy with her and their lifestyle there. They lived in the high desert north of LA. (which he hated and called it Hell-A). They were married almost 12 years when he died. Pam stayed in touch with us often as we did with her. She and our other son (known to KT) as Radio Dokkktor, talked to each other at least once a week by phone. Now for about 2-3 months she doesn't answer her phone or answer emails. I was worried that she was sick or injured, but I did get a short email the first of April saying she had been busy at work, being on the night shift, but she would soon be on days again, and would give me a call. She hasn't called and doesn't answer when I call and leave a voice mail. What bothers me is I feel like I have lost Brian again. DH & I couldn't go out there for Brian's funeral because of health, so Dok and our daughter, Colleen went to represent the family. Pam said she would send pictures of his grave stone but hasn't. I emailed her, last, on what would have been their 13th anniversary on May 12, and thanked her for making our son happy, and asked her if I have done or said anything to offend or upset her, and if I did, I's so sorry. If she wants to move on, I could understand that, but I wish she would tell me. I've thought about calling her Mother, but I really try not to be a pushy meddling mother-in-law. Sorry about this rambling tale, but it really has me so very sad. I just don't understand why she seems to have cut off all ties with Brian's family. Thanks for 'listening' KT friends. Dottie

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