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Shower for an “open” alcove shower- ceiling mount or shower rail

6 years ago
Hi, I am remodeling a 5x8 main bath with an alcove tub. The tub has a non-load bearing wall separating it from the vanity. The surround tile is pretty and I am getting the wall between the tub and vanity converted to a pony wall and replaced by a glass panel for the top part. This should open up the bath (and make the expensive and beautiful tub surround tile with the 4feet horizontal niche visible).
The challenge is what to do about the shower which is on that wall that I’m cutting down. I don’t want to move the plumbing.
So the options are:
1. Have a only tub spout + hand shower
2. Add a ceiling mount rain shower to the above- will need a plumbing run of the pipe quite a bit to take it to the ceiling through the side wall.
3. Add a European style shower spout combination with an exposed shower riser (like the GROHE euphoria tub shower system) and the shower arm can be supported with a ceiling hanger (like in the clawfoot tub shower). This would show through the glass but might look sleek.
Of course each of the above option adds on progressive $,s.
Which one do you feel would be the best?
(Also, note the shower curtain rod attached to glass screen in pics, looks cool, am still figuring out if that can happen)

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