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Constantly arguing with adult daughter

5 years ago

My 26 year old daughter is back home from college and living with me and my wife(her mother). This decision was mutual. All parties agreed 100%. We are a close family. She's helping out with the family business and is attending grad school.

For the last few years(8 or 9 years) my wife's arguing and cursing towards me has gotten worse and really out of hand.

I've seen my daughter go from thinking I was a super hero, most intelligent man she knows to a joke of a dad. I threw her out once(she was home during college break) and regretted it(being mouthy). I knew she'd be okay, she was at another college friend's home. But I just did it again(shes 26 now).

My wife. I am really going crazy dealing with my wife threatening to hit me and if I hit her back, she says she'll call the police. I called the cops on my wife once(she was being violent), the cops threw me out of my house The cop actually said to me, "Get the F**k Out!" I reported the cop, and they sent a letter saying that the cop was wrong and would be punished, but they could not say what that punishment would be.

My wife is tough. But she acts like a little angel in public. She calls me spineless in front of my kids. She says that I'm not a man, in front of my kids. To protect my "manhood" or ego I do say mean things to her too during the arguments, but I wished she'd just stop. So now, I think my daughter and son( when he was 18 punched me in my head once) see no reason to respect me.

My daughter shows attitude whenever I ask her to do something. She screws up basic company tasks. She constantly talks about her boyfriend, and screws everything up. Shes 26 and doesn't help her mother in the kitchen or house. I have to tell her to help out with the basic chores around the house. Clean your room, pick up your clothes, etc. She talks over me, and gets louder.

I'm not a wimp. I'm a pretty big guy and could crush them. But I refuse to lose that civil part of me.

Sorry about the messy post. I need a little help.

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