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Two Story Family Room Fireplace Wall Dilema

6 years ago
Hi all! Long time member fist time poster here. I am a bit stuck with some dimensional design ideas involving a fire place in a two story family room. I have a 36” direct vent fireplace that is installed on the ground and I will not be moving it. I plan to replace the tile with brick and completely redo the mantle. I plan on doing a double mantle to take up wall space. The fireplace wall is 18 feet high 8 feet wide with 2 foot returns on either side to the main wall. I will be wrapping the fireplace surround and mantle around the returns. My initial thought is to place the top of the first mantle at 6’ but think that might be a bit too high and will drown the 36” fireplace. This would put the top of the mantle 36” above the top of the fireplace. To give some perspective the bottom of the outlet currently on the wall is exactly 6 feet. The second mantle height will be shorter (58”). Thoughts????? Here is some pics of the current set up.

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