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Question about replacing "integrated" appliances (cabinet panels)

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

I'm thinking about buying a house that has an integrated refrigerator and dishwasher. Kind of similar to the refrigerator here:

They have cabinet panels on the front of them, and they literally blend right into the cabinets. Same exact depth, same quality finish. When I first looked at pictures I could not distinguish them from the cabinets.

Question is this. How much of a pain is it to replace these things when they die? Can you typically just remove the cabinet panel from the dead appliance and stick it onto the new, panel-ready appliance?

Or do sizing issues usually require that you have to get an entirely new cabinet panel matched and made for the new appliance?

If it matters, the fridge/freezer are 30 inch columns, so basically just a single vertical slab. The dishwasher has controls on the top, so also just a single slab of cabinet panel with no cutouts for controls or anything like that.


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