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Need Ikea curtain hack ideas - curtain mavens?

6 years ago

New house, lots of projects, not lots of $$ left ;-)

I threw these curtains up in a hurry because for an hour or so in winter the angle of the late afternoon sun is blinding - not an issue in the summer. These are Ikea Lenda in white, one panel per window. They are not hemmed, I just turned over the top and clipped on rings but now I'm ready to fluff them. There is a media cabinet in the works that will span window to window so curtains need to open to the outside of each window as shown. I have a second set of the curtains to use for more fullness.

What I'm debating about should I use pleater tape (and if yes which kind) or use the clips to create a sort of pleat or ?? Not sure what other curtain ideas are out there but I'm open. Tabs will come off, they will be properly hemmed but I'm unsure how to make the top. Also, will a second full panel be too much fabric - would 1 - 1/2 panels be enough? I will sew them together and am not worried about the vertical seam. Goal is to have them look tailored and simple but finished.

You can see the shadow of the tabs - quite a look, huh?! They are just a bit wider than the window, no fullness at all when closed.

Will two full curtain widths be too much? I can open the curtain rods a bit more but not much, maybe 3" or so. I do want the curtains to hang to the sides of the windows and not obscure the view when open.

This is the Lenda fabric - simple but a nice hand.

And lastly. this larger window will likely get the same curtains at some point but again, will be open 99% of the time.

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