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3cm Bathroom Quartz backsplash advice - Help

5 years ago

I really need a sanity check! Fell in love with Pompeii Quartz (Urban is the color) for a guest bathroom vanity. This quartz is 3cm. Vanity is surrounded by 3 walls (back and 2 sides) and is 73 inches long. Upon looking at my sample piece of quartz I am concerned with using it as a 4 inch backsplash around the 3 walls. I have plenty of countertop width to use it so that isn't a concern, just not sure I will like the "chunky" look of the 1 1/4 (3cm) thickness. I know that tile is always an alternative option but would sure like some feedback if this is ascetically correct or the right thing to do. Thank you in advance!

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