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I Need a furniture plan for an odd shaped room!!

Then & Again Designs
4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

I am in desperate need of a family room furniture plan! To keep the traffic flow, I have basically cut off the upper left corner of the room and I feel like i am wasting valuable space. The wall unit that is there currently can be removed or relocated , as can the TV and cabinet (i think...the wiring might be an issue. I just noticed that my caption covered the room dimension.. It is 18' x 16 .

This is the current set up . As you can see the space by the wall unit on the left is wasted. The room is not big enough to have that much unused area!! I used to have the sofa sitting straight but when i put it on the angle, the room looked so much bigger and the traffic flow was better.

I am open to new furniture so please let your creative minds go!!! I need help!!!

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