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Please help me figure out what was wrong with my tomatoes last year

This is my second year growing tomatoes, and the first year I had any disease issues. This started fairly early in the season with leaf spots, which I thought were Septoria. But as the summer went on, whole leaves and vines started dying off, so I'm not sure if it was a wilt of some sort. Fruit never seemed to be affected, and the plants (except for two of one variety that mysteriously died in June) kept growing new vines vigorously, but the dieback was also constant. I was growing a variety of heirloom tomatoes plus Sungold, all of which were affected.

Now I am trying to determine what I can do next year to prevent this, and if I have to limit myself to disease-resistant hybrids. I am going to plant tomatoes in my other raised bed next year (I only have two and the other one is close by). I am attaching some pictures in the hopes the problem will be obvious to more experienced gardeners. The pictures were taken in late September, we are in a hot and humid area of zone 7. Thank you in advance for any help!

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