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Picking Interior colors that flow throughout

5 years ago

Frustrated. I've spent maybe $300 on paint samples trying to paint various walls in my condo. I finally found a color I like yesterday, SW Amazing Gray, which I put on a wall in my 3rd bedroom/office. Since it's an office, I had wanted to go with a modern blue/gray look but I've realised I don't much like gray and blue risked it looking like a baby's room. But, is amazing gray the right color for an office? It's basically beige, which is great in that it's a neutral, but is it the best color for an office? The room is small, only 8x10. Thinking of selling in a year or two, so it has to be neutral as well.

The bigger picture.... I want all the colors in the condo to flow. How do I do that? Do I use amazing gray everywhere? Just in this room? How do I go about coming up with an color scheme for the entire condo when I have trouble even picking one wall? If I use amazing gray in the office, then what do I use in the other two bedrooms? Should they all be the same? It seems like amazing gray is more of a bedroom color rather than an office color, so if I use amazing gray in the office, how do I pick a color that flows for the bedrooms? :(


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