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Any one used Milgard? What's your experience with their product?

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Hi folks,

I plan to replace some old windows in my house with new ones. The replacement window company I worked with recommended Milgard Windows and suggested I go to their showroom to take a look in person.

So I drove an hour and visited their corporation showroom in Tacoma, but came back underwhelmed.

First I admit that I have no experience with any replacement windows, Milgard is the first product I saw in person and paid attention to (I had vinyl window in my previous house by I have never paid much attention to them) . Other than that, the only thing I can compare them to are some sliding/casement windows in a friends house built by a premium builder.

That been said, I found the Windows I saw today (Ultra series, Tuscany series) did not look like high quality product, I am not sure if that's because these windows are not brand new and have been in the show room for a while? Almost all the casement window I saw today has most or less a loose/wiggling crank handle while with the windows in my friends house the crank has a much more precise feel to it. Also I took a pictures of the windows

also see the wavy plastic bar between glass panels:

The goal of my visit was to decide between Ultra and Tuscany series, but now I am not even sure if I should use Milgard at all, even they offer life time warranty - they are just a chore to look at.

Do you have experience with their product, and how does it compare to other brands?


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