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Lost My Dog and My Husband This Year

5 years ago

Both losses were hard. The dog was age 14,my best buddy, She had been in basically good health, had a stroke, was told by the Vet it only gets worse, She'd have another inevitably fatal stroke. But I chose to keep her with me as long as she was able to walk, eat and go out to potty. She became super-restless, pacing in circles and unable to sleep thru the night. She got worse, until finally I decided it was time to send her to Rainbow Bridge. She was PTS on Valentines Day. Hubby and I were married over 37 years, he had MS multiple sclerosis for nearly 20 years, He was unable to drive or walk. I had to go thru the expensive (needed a lawyer) and humiliating experience of filing for State Medicaid to get him home-care. He was hospitalized for two months, came home with Hospice Care, he lasted only 15 days, passed away in June, sadly on his sister's birthday. There, i've said it all. I have joined a group of spouse-survivors. There will be extra meetings to help us get thru the Holidays. there, i've told the entire story. I got thru thanksgiving, I'm trying to make Christmas as traditional as ever, cooking, buying gifts, sending out cards.

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