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Sherwin Williams made an error with paint color mix/Should I repaint?

Adrienne P.
5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

I got a sample of agreeable grey from SW. Tested it out in my kitchen. Lived with it for a week and decided I liked it. Contractor removed wallpaper on one side and primed over super bright 1960s yellow shiny walls. He also removed yellow linoleum floor and installed tile. I plan to paint my wooden (tawny in color) cabinets next. BUT my gray paint looks pink now!

I look at the paint can in the trash and compare it to sample can. They are two different measurements of color, but same name.

My sample patch, according to the label on the paint can, has black (1), and raw umber (8) in it. The paint on my walls has black (9), maroon (1) and deep gold (7) in it. It didn't occur to me to check the numbers before painting.

Is the magenta why my walls look pink? The walls match the grey floor tiles under the yellow lights of the kitchen. But when I turn on my ceiling fan lights or the sun shines in, the bright lights showcase my paint as grayish pink. Also... my cabs are wooden and lighter in color, could they be making this gray look pink?

I do plan to paint cabinets, but now I wonder if I should have SW redo this paint and (hopefully) pay to get my room redone since they made the error? Or are these colors the same even though the ingredients are different? Or, can I select a cabinet color that compliments this grayish pink? I had wanted to paint them navy blue on the bottom and an antique white on top but now I'm not sure. Any thoughts?

I will post images as soon as I get my phone to install the app.

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