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Lighting design help: high vaulted ceilings

Pensacola PI
6 years ago

Need a few thoughts or ideas please as we're working on electrical. We specifically need ideas for the great room which is a challenge with high vaulted ceilings. Wall height at the perimeter is 10' but the height of the interior wall which aligns with the elevator and HVAC is 20' give or take. Room has plenty of natural light.

Recessed lighting for certain. The kitchen islands have 3 pendant lights each and we plan to go with recessed lights on the perimeter of the kitchen and under cabinet lights. At this point, general thought in great room is perhaps 3 rows of recessed cans all on different dimmer zones taking care to work around the ceiling fans so we don't get a strobe flashing effect from the fan blades. We're wide open to ideas and the proper spacing between the recessed cans.

Thanks much

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