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Suspended lights for high, vaulted ceilings

4 years ago

Our dining are has a high, vaulted ceiling and is in desperate need of over table lighting. The ceiling is ~16ft at the table and has a sloped ceiling. the combination of needing a large fixture, with looooong extensions and a sloped ceiling mount is proving difficult.
I am wondering if:

  1. a standard fixture that is suspended from a canopy with cables and a long wire can be modified by an electrician to provide additional hanging length?
  2. are there specific sites and/or combination of keywords that will help me find what I need?
  3. are there other work-around or resources that i haven't considered? (I'm in Canada)

I've included a few pictures of things that have caught my fancy but won't work as is for one reason or another.
For scale reference, the door in the picture is 14ft wide, and the ceilung at that wall is also 14ft high and slopes up to 18ft at the peak.

And of course, budget is a factor. I'd like to keep it as far below $2k as possible

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