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Need help with backyard lawn landscaping ideas!

Bob Colburn
5 years ago

Hello! First timer here. We are re-doing much of our landscaping and I need help! Home located in San Diego county, inland, Zone 10a.

We have a big backyard area with spotty, ugly grass. I'd like to resod or seed but make the grass area much smaller. The issue is that it is under several large trees and parts are in full shade. I'm worried that extensive soil prep will hurt the trees and I'm not convinced that grass will do well except for the middle area where the sun shines through. We also have three small kids who play outside all day and want to have a big open space for them.

Any ideas? Synthetic turf is not an option, too expensive and we will only be in this home for less than 5 years, not worth the investment. I would love to hear some design tips!

Thank you :)

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