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Attic Office and Guest Bedroom Layout Advice Needed

6 years ago


I have a finished 3rd floor attic with 2 dormers that needs a layout/finishing makeover since we will be moving the kids toys to a different space in the house. The main purpose of the room will be to have my home office and a guest bedroom, possibly with room for an elliptical machine too. Right now, the queen bed is inside a dormer but our guests find it not accessible because of the tight fit. There's a lot of space, but Im having trouble figuring out better configurations. Please see photos and offer suggestions. Much appreciated.

This is the current placement of the queen bed.

Another view of the bed and the wall where the toys currently live (but will be removed).

View of both dormers. Left is home office, right is queen bed. Door in the middle is a small storage space. The door is not used frequently so could be blocked as long as access is available.

View of stairs and side wall towards back of room.

Back wall has two windows (the couches will be removed). Closet door needs access.

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