HELP elevate my 'modern' home office / guest bedroom!

last year
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Our 2nd bedroom functions as a home office as well as a guest bedroom. I'd say more than 85% of the time it is almost exclusively used by us as a home office though. (esp with COVID, we haven't had overnight visitors since February).

I'm trying to convince my husband that it's a good idea to get rid of the bed and we could find a couch/daybed instead - so our office resembles a more true OFFICE, but still has the ability to accommodate overnight guests if we needed to.

If we wanted to keep the bed, any advice on how we could improve the layout with existing furniture? or even advice on furniture to omit, or add to improve it?

Right now, I feel like this room is just a horrible hodge-podge and there's nothing tying it all together to give it that clean, fresh, modern-chic look I'm trying to attain.

HELP!! Any and all advice/guidance is GREATLY appreciated. Thank you!

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