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36" Range Top/ Convection Oven: Miele, Wolf or Blue Star?

6 years ago


I am torn making this decision. I read through various threads and went to major appliance store to check these range tops out. But I still need your valuable advice.

1> I stir fry daily with wok and that leads me to choose blue star open flame and wok ready grate. I also think BS star-shaped has better heat distribution. But I am not sure about its low heat shimmering as I do bake and would like to melt chocolate and butter on stove.

2> I am seriously thinking to get Miele Combi steam oven, and dishwasher. Probably will also get a single convection oven to go under CSO as well. If I also buy Miele range top, I will qualified Miele rebate program which will save me close to $2000. Should I go with Miele? I can't find too many opinion in Miele range top.

3> Checking out Wolf M series single convection oven in store, I like it more than Miele Convection oven. The sliding mechanism in Miele is not as smooth as Wolf. Overall I feel Wolf CO is more solid. Am I right? That's made me second guess myself and wonder if I should switch to wolf instead.

Thanks for your opinion!!

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