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36" Ranges: BlueStar vs Wolf vs Thermador

2 years ago

We're renovating the kitchen in the house we're buying (closing April 1) and I'm stuck on the range decision!

In my dreamlife, I would love to go with duel fuel in the Wolf or the Thermador, but I'm not sure I can convince my spouse to shell out the extra $. I know the BlueStar only comes in all-gas, and I am wondering if the BlueStar oven is comparable to the others.

It seems that the DF is where it's at for all the really great oven features of Wolf (and apparently the new 2021 version of the DF has the same interior as the all-gas and doesn't have the same chipping issues) and Thermador but I don't really see anything about the oven on the BS.

Any thoughts on this?

I have to go with a range as there's no space for a cooktop and wall oven (that would be ultimate dreamlife!)


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