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Light French Gray? Gray Blue? Small Home PLEASE Help!

I am having so many issues picking a paint! We just bought a small home (1000 sq ft and refinishing a lot of pieces. I thought I knew which grays I liked and now NO IDEA! My husband threw me a curve ball when he said he didn't love how green many grays turn and prefers cooler tones.

I was thinking of Light French Gray for our kitchen (going white granite counters)

and living room but will it be too light? dark? blue?

Bedroom and spare room (maybe a nursery one day), any gray color suggestions?

Will be working with all Sherwin Williams!! Thanks All. :)

Photos:1-2 kitchen very little light, would like my living room the same, it has more natural light.

3-4 master and spare bedrooms, will have hardwood in both and no ACs - very little light

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