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Choosing colour scheme - grey-purple or grey-blue?

8 years ago

Hi folks. I am getting possession of my new rental soon (small cottage) and need to paint what is currently the glossy black bedroom. I've decided on a lighter grey, but not on what shade exactly.

The main living area, right outside the bedroom, is a bright Caribbean blue which I will not bother painting, and floors in living area are a medium-dark wood laminate, white trim in bedroom and living.
So currently I have most of my bedroom pieces in grey with some dark purple accents (bedding, mirror) but I'm wary of keeping the purple as an accent colour with the bright blue right outside the door. However I'd rather not change the accent to a blue accent since I already have purple although it wouldn't really be hard to get new bedding and repaint the mirror. How much effect do you think a neighbouring room's colour has? I want to repaint two nightstands and a dresser which are currently a brown so I'd like to use the accent colour to do this. Thinking either commit to the purple or go to a milky diluted chalk-paint type blue.

Next problem is the floor in the bedroom is unfinished wood. She has a large area rug down now but I hate carpet and I'd like to throw some paint or stain down to help hide that its unfinished. Its not hardwood so eventually she'll lay new flooring over this. I'm thinking dark ebony type look? Think that would work? Its currently blonde raw finish softwood.

Not a ton of natural light in this bedroom, but the living room has two huge curtain wall windows right outside the bedroom door.
Any help/recommendations appreciated! I want to buy paint ASAP and need to pick the right under-tone. She leaves and gives me possession this week so I want to get painting before moving stuff in.

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