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Need room dimension advice and photos of cathedral/vaulted ceilings

6 years ago

Two questions:

1. ROOM DIMENSIONS: Does anyone know the theory about how the golden ratio and ideal proportions work in relation to width, length, and height of a room? Our timber frame plans have taken a detour, and the new house orientation means that the kitchen/living room will share the same open space with a higher ceiling than we thought and I'm having a hard time visualizing to know that I will like it. Our current rental has 14.5-foot ceiling in a 25-foot wide room and it feels great. But the new house plans are currently calling for a 24-foot wide room (32-foot long) with a 22 to 24-foot high ceiling center vault line (we have scissor trusses and currently a 10/12 roof). And that combined is hard for my brain to picture what the effect of that will be in real space.

2. PHOTOS: Since I'm having a hard time visualizing, I could really use some photo examples. Could you share your house photos of living room and/or kitchen spaces with heights of somewhere between 18 and 24-feet?

(I've scoured old threads and GW archives but most of the member photos are now blank and refer to dead links and/or empty photo bucket accounts.)


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